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High Noon Beef

Favorite Lean Meats

Favorite Lean Meats

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Choose 100% Grass Finished -OR- Grain Finished!

We all love the Top Round Steaks!!!

They are an over-looked steak that can actually be cooked as a steak!!! Most people use them for fajitas or similar dishes. But what they don't know is that cooked slowly on your grill or smoker at low temps, these steaks are amazing!! Just finished to Medium rare for best results. 


This Box Includes:

+3 Top Round Steaks (averaging 1 lb ea) This cut comes from the inside of the rear leg and is very lean.

+2 Top Sirloin Steaks in 1 package (weights slightly vary).

+10 Lbs Premium Ground beef 

+Audra's Recipe Card showing her favorite way to cook these steaks!!


Pickup: Available for pickup in 2-4 days, just send us a message after checkout. 

Shipping: ALWAYS ships the next immediate Monday or Wednesday. Will arrive full frozen packaged with dry ice. Please place in freezer immediately!



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