About Us

Welcome to our farm-to-table family business!


We believe that you should know exactly what you're feeding your loved ones and where it comes from. Gone are the days of anonymous beef from unknown sources. We're bringing back the personal touch of knowing your local rancher and butcher.


Our home base ranch is nestled in Millville, Ca backing up to Clover Creek which flows freely year round and provides all natural irrigation during the summer.

Our summer pasture is located in the breathtaking landscape of Alturas, CA, where our cattle roam on vast green pastures and rolling hills for nearly 8 months after calving, giving them ample time to grow naturally.

The winter pasture is located in Cottonwood, CA, where the cows get to spread out on sprawling hills and over 1,500 acres of all natural grass covered hills. 

When it is time to finish beef, we go out to the pasture and hand select our very finest steers to bring home to Millville, CA. This is where we carefully and mindfully finish your beef. 

This allows us to guarantee a few things!!

  • All of our beef is antibiotic, mRNA and hormone free all the time!
  • Our animals were raised right and harvested humanely!
  • All of our beef comes from calves that we raised from birth!
  • We are finishing beef from our top quality steers, raised to a prime age!

We also offer grass-finished beef for those who prefer it. Our 100% grass finished beef get to spend nearly 2 years in Southern Oregon on Audra's families land which is partially located at the base of Crater Lake. This land is rich in nutrients needed to finish a top quality grassfed beef. We avoid chemical sprayed hay and prefer the all natural route. We believe this is what gives our grassfed beef it's "bragging rights" and why everyone who tries it loves it. 

Whether you prefer our NON-GMO Grain finished beef or our 100% Grass Finished Beef, we believe in transparency in beef production. We want to connect you directly with your food, just like in the old days when you knew your rancher and butcher by name. Join us on this journey to bring back the connection between the farm and your table, and experience the taste and quality of beef that comes from our family to yours.

How it all started and a little about

High Noon Beef!

Bendt and Audra, along with their two boys Landen and Luke are passionate about raising healthy top quality beef!

It all began when Audra was 19 years old and married into the Estremado family located in southern Oregon where they raised cattle on a multi generational ranch. She has always been passionate about the ranch lifestyle and she learned more then she ever dreamt possible while living at the family ranch. For nearly 10 years, she and her husband worked on the ranch and eventually welcomed their two children Landen and Luke into their family. 

Everything changed in 2016 when her late husband passed away due to a rare and aggressive type of cancer called Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. During the 2.5 years that they, together battled his illness Audra became very passionate about healthy food sources and clean living

Bendt also grew up loving agriculture and ranching. He comes from a family that is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. They focus on healthy foods, herbs, and avoiding antibiotics and many other sources of toxins. 

It was only natural that they would get along well and grow together in ranching. Bendt and Audra were finally able in 2021 to purchase their own ranch. Bendt along with Landen and Luke (whom by the way Bendt adores) are able to handle and do just about anything needed on the ranch. Bendt also dreams big all the time and carefully plans new things. While Audra is the driving force behind the scenes of High Noon Beef Company helping deliver a quality beef source to anybody that wants to give it a try. 



We are High Noon Beef and are proud to be sharing our healthy and humanely raised food source with YOU! With ranching and farming in our blood from generations past, we are raising livestock and our children as naturally as we can. We are passionate about seeing all of our family, friends and neighbors live healthy long lives.