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High Noon Beef

1/4 Beef Deposit for Non GMO Grain Finished

1/4 Beef Deposit for Non GMO Grain Finished

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Don't Wait! Limited availability!

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We have Beef available right away!! Choose your preferred pickup date below!

+It is raised from our own herd, on green grass pastures and hills until it is time to come in for a 120 day grain finish. We finish all of our animals on our very own custom blend of wholesome non GMO grain that is made just for us! The flavor and marbling are phenomenal!

+All of our meat is antibiotic, hormone, chemical and dye free! 

+The deposit goes toward the final cost which will be determined at butcher. Each animal varies slightly in size so we have found that the best way to determine price is charging by hanging/carcass weight when animal is picked up.  

+A 1/4 Beef needs about 3-4 Cubic feet of freezer Space!

+In our 1/4's, you get a equal portion of the entire side! You are not just stuck with a back 1/4 or a front 1/4. 

+ 1/4 beef does not allow for much customization like in our 1/2 or whole beef options!!

+Our price is always $5.99 per lb hanging weight and we use a very skilled butchery that charges $1.50-$1.55 whom cut and wraps your custom meat and packages it in airtight vacuumed sealed packages to ensure your investment lasts a long time.+

+The total cost will be $7.50 per LB hanging weight plus a small slaughter and dividing charge of $75 for a 1/4. 

+A typical 1/4 will hang around 200lbs (varies by animal) and Final Cost will be around $1,500 (again, Varies by weight)

***Local Pickup at A&R Meats in Redbluff.

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