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High Noon Beef

Primal Health Beef Box

Primal Health Beef Box

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Do you know how beneficial primal beef organs are!?


    • Improve Nutrient Absorption

    • Increase Your Energy

    • Improve your Mood

    • Strengthen your Bones

    • Improve exercise performance

    • Improve your cardiovascular system

This box includes 100% Grassfed and Finished……

+ 2 Packages Beef Liver (averaging 1-1.5lbs ea

  • Liver is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet, with significant amounts of iron, riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin A, and copper.

+ 1 Package of Beef Heart (averaging 1.5-2lbs) 

  • Beef Heart is not only extremely healthy with bioavailable nutrients like Vitamin B12, Selenium, Iron and Choline

+ 4 Packages of Beef Marrow Bones (averaging 1lb ea) 

  • Maintains Skin, Bone, and Joint Health - Bone marrow is full of collagen, which improves the health and strength of bones and skin.

+ 1 Bone In Beef Chuck Roast (averaging 3.5lbs) 

  • Bone-in Beef: Providing micronutrients like calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium. Supplying food with additional gelatin and glycine, which are great for your digestive health and prevent inflammation in the body.

+ 2lbs Premium Ground Beef (in 1lb packages)

  • High in vitamins A and E, which have many antioxidant properties.

+ 1 Package Pork Bacon; Pasture raised and milk finished….because we love to wrap liver bites in our healthy bacon!  



Pickup: Available for pickup in 2-4 days, just send us a message after checkout. 

Shipping: ALWAYS ships the next immediate Monday or Tuesday. Holidays may effect this. Will arrive full frozen packaged with dry ice. Please place in freezer immediately!




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