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High Noon Beef

Pork Value Box

Pork Value Box

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We only have a couple left of these awesome pork boxes!!!

Our favorite cuts of our pasture raised and milk finished pork!! Seriously the best pork chops around!!

This box includes:

+ 1 rack of spare ribs (avg 3.38lbs)

+ 2 lbs of Mild Italian Sausage 

+ 1 Package Bacon (avg 1.0lbs)

+ 1 Package Bacon Ends (avg 1lbs)

+ 1 Pork Shoulder aka Boston Butt (avg 2.9lbs)

+ 2 packages of Pork Loin Chops (2 per pack) avg 2-2.4lbs per package

+ HN Beef Recipe Cards

Pickup: Available for pickup in 2-4 days, just send us a message after checkout. 

Shipping: ALWAYS ships the next immediate Monday/Tues or Wednesday. Will arrive full frozen packaged with dry ice. Please place in freezer immediately!



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