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High Noon Beef

Half Prime Rib Bone-In

Half Prime Rib Bone-In

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A bone-in and tied Prime Rib just in time for the Holidays!

Dry-Aged for unparalled tenderness and then hand cut by our highly skilled USDA butchers.   

100% Grassfed and Finished! 

We will have a LIMITED amount available. ORDER NOW!  

Half prime rib roast cut with 4 bones from the largest and most tender part of the full rib roast. 

8-8.5 lbs 

Pickup: Please send us a DM to arrange pickup!

Shipping: ALWAYS ships the next immediate Monday or Tuesday!! Beef will arrive fully frozen near mid-end week. SATISFACTION Guaranteed!

PSSTTT....Quick TipThe biggest mistake people make with prime rib is not factoring in that beef continues to cook as it rests. So if you pull it out of the oven at 52°C / 125°F, the target temperature for medium rare, it will rise to 55°C / 130°F or more once rested which is medium, ie; not much blushing pink left!

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