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High Noon Beef

Brisket and Burger

Brisket and Burger

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Choose 100% Grass Finished or Grain 🌾 Finished

Perfect for summer fun!  ☀️ 

This box features our sought after brisket and premium ground beef!  🍔 

What’s included:

+ 1 Brisket (averaging 3.5-4.5lbs)

+ 10lbs Premium Ground Beef (individually packaged in 1lb cubes)

+ 1 Flat Iron or Flank Steak (depending on availability) 



Pickup: Available for pickup in 2-4 days, just send us a message after checkout. 

Shipping: ALWAYS ships the next immediate Monday - Wednesday. Will arrive full frozen packaged with dry ice. Please place in freezer immediately!




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