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High Noon Beef

1/4 Beef - Grain Finished - Shipped FREE!!!

1/4 Beef - Grain Finished - Shipped FREE!!!

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Please message us for next availability on a Shipped 1/4 beef! 

This is for shipped Beef which includes FREE shipping!!

We love the flavor of our Grain Finished Beef! Our grain is CUSTOM made for us! It consists of sprouted barley, sunflowers, corn, molasses and all natural minerals!


Helping families eat confidently with our local grass-fed beef is our passion. We would love to serve you and become the ranch you choose to build a relationship with!

ALWAYS Hormone, GMO, and Antibiotics FREE

Your Quarter Beef Package Includes:

Each 1/4 beef will contain approx 130-140lbs of Premium Grass Fed Beef!

    • Prime steak cuts ie; Filet Mignon, Ribeye, NY, Porterhouse, T-Bone
    • Other steaks such as Chuck, ranchers, sirloin, flank etc.
    • Favorite staples ie; Brisket, roasts, short ribs, stew meat, fajita, kabob etc.
    • HN Premium ground beef - (packaged in individual 1 lb packages)


Freezer Space: This 1/4 Beef Share will require approx. 4-5 cubic ft. of freezer space.

Packaging: All cuts are individually vacuum sealed and labeled.

Shipping: ALWAYS ships on a Monday or Tuesday!! This will ship in 3 50lb-60lb boxes (includes box/materials and dry ice weight) Beef will arrive fully frozen near mid-end week. SATISFACTION Guaranteed!! 


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