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High Noon Beef

NEW!!! 1/2 Milk & Brewhouse Finished Hog

NEW!!! 1/2 Milk & Brewhouse Finished Hog

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Ready for some of the best pork around!?
Our half pigs hang around 125-130 pounds. This will yield about 100lbs of Freezer Pork.


They spend their life on pasture until it’s time to finish when they are fed raw milk and Brewhouse hops from breweries including Lauganita's.

Included in a 1/2 hog:

(If you have something you prefer or a specific cut just ask ) I have also attached a blank cut sheet that we can go over together.

+ Mixture of Roasts

+ Bone-In Chops

+ Tenderloin

+ Bacon

+ Ground 

+ Your choice of sausage favors (LOTS to choose from)

+ Link if you like them

  • Simply Choose your preferred butcher date below. 
  • ***** Once you place your order we will email you to answer any questions you may have and go over all the details! This is the best way to fill your freezer with healthy pork! This Pork will be processed at Sonoma County Meat Co in Santa Rosa. 
  • We can Ship to your door or you can pick up directly at Sonoma County Meat Co in Santa Rosa.
  • Shipping: ALWAYS ships out on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday... Insulated and on Dry Ice! This will ship in approx 3 50lb boxes (includes box/materials and dry ice weight) Pork will arrive fully frozen near mid-end week. SATISFACTION Guaranteed!! 



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